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Free Joomla and WordPress template

From this site you can download our three newest free WorsPress and Joomla templates. Structure on the themes is the same but colors different pretty much. From the right sidebar you can switch between these three free themes and choose the one you like the most. 

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  • These themes are optimized for search engines so they will rank your site higher while using one of these templates. Search engine optimization or SEO, is made by SEO experts from our company.
  • Themes are simple and very lightweight to make sure your visitors will also stay on your site and not leave because site is so slow.
  • You can choose between Wide, Contrast and Blue layouts.
  • These templates are completely free to use and modifiable as you like.


  • After trying one of these templates, there is no point switching to any other.
  • You still need to write your own articles, theme won't do that for you.


Write us feedback if you found a bug or just want to give a comment about these free WordPress and Joomla themes. Your opinion is important to make our templates even better.